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Thank you for your interest to post and contribute to our Claseek community.  You may submit your articles to us in MS Word, Text or RTF format via email at blogs[at] and we will post them here if it meets our criteria.  You will be notified by email should your article fail to meet our criteria, otherwise it should be posted in this site within a few working days.

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications you may have.


Benefits of Blogging for us

These are some of the benefits you will enjoy when blogging for us:

  • Your article will be shared on our Facebook page for our fans to read
  • Be known to Claseek members and followers and establish your name as an expert in your field
  • Be more visible in search engines
  • Increase your site traffic through your article’s back links
  • Reach potential clients through your article (e.g., for property agents, etc)
  • You can have a direct access to our blog admin page as a contributor should you have more than 10 approved articles



Some guidelines that you would need to consider when using Claseek Blogs:

  • Blog Topic:
    • review of products or services (e.g., camera, hotel, travel agent, etc)
    • tips related to advertising, buying/selling, etc
    • not related to politics
    • not merely a promotional article
    • not promoting a competitor of
  • Blog Content:
    • contains 300 to 1000 words
    • contains maximum of 2 external links
    • contains maximum of 10 images
    • no foul, obscene, defamatory, offensive or vulgar words
    • not copied from other people’s article, copyrighted work or images
    • not violating nor promoting any law violations
    • unique (not posted and will never be posted exactly the same as in other sites)
  • Comments:
    • always stay on topic
    • respect other users, do not use abusive or offensive words
    • no spamming
    • do not use ALL CAPS


Terms and Conditions

  1. By submitting your article, you agree that has the right to make some amendments to your article for possible grammar/spelling errors or removal of some words or links which are inappropriate in accordance to standards.
  2. You confirm that the article you submit is your own work and not copied from any copyrighted work .
  3. All copies of user contributed material including text, images and videos become the property of
  4. You agree that we reserve the right to return articles which we consider unfitting.
  5. You agree that anything you post here will be available worldwide via internet.
  6. All comments will be reviewed before posting. reserves the right to remove comments without informing the user.



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