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How to Avoid Being a Prey to Scammers

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

cybercriminals Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time but like any other good stuff, it is prone to abuse by unscrupulous individuals.  In 2012 alone, IC3/FBI had processed a total of 289,874 internet crime complaints or around 24,000 complaints a month.  As buyers, you have to consider several factors before parting with your hard-earned money. These are some of the most common internet fraud employed by criminals nowadays:

  1. Pet scam.  The scheme is to give away a pet (or any product) but when you contact them, they will tell you that the pet needs to pass Customs and needs you to send in money to them for processing.  Some are also asking money for shipping costs.  In the end, unsuspecting individuals send money but their pets don’t arrive to their homes.

   Here is a sample of a pet scammer response when you contact them:

“thanks for your responds in regards to my male and female puppies these babies are two in number by names Cindy and Carol they are lovely and they need a new and caring home that will love and take very good care of them below are some details about my baby puppies

 Age : 11 weeks

Sex : Male and Female

Any Health problems : No

Champion bloodline :yes

Temperament & Personality: Perfect temperament and associates with kids and other home pets.

Registered/registrable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee, Pedigree , travel crate

One of the main reasons why i giving out my beautiful babies is because i lost my ten year old son  called Gabriel , he died due to a motor accident . the pets were bought for him as birthday presents but since i lost him i had to relocate so as to forget about his past memories and now the babies are lonely there is no one to play care and be with them since my son is death , and secondly the nature of my job will not allow me take very good care of them they are home alone that is why i need a home to give them out who will promise me that they will love and take very good care of them but before we proceed  i will like to know the following things from you to be sure the babies are going to a good and caring home:

 1) where are you located ?

2) have you owned pets before?

3) do you have experience with pets ?

4) do you need the male , female or both ?

5) do you have other home pets ?

6) specify what breed you are interested in?

 please do not feel uncomfortable with the question i just want to be sure i am making the right home and choice for my babies”

Always remember that not so many people will give away their licensed pedigree pets, so be vigilant on these types of ads. Generally, if the advertiser asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, GreenDot MoneyPak number or mentions Cameroon it is a scam.

  1. Phishing.  This is not a misspelled word but is a computing term defined as “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.”  Before you click links on emails sent to you by anyone, check the spelling of the website (normally at the bottom of the browser when you mouse-over) so as not to be redirected to a fake website.  Fake websites which look exactly the same as the real ones are normally used by criminals to get your username and password and gain access to your account.  The email will also look legitimate with the valid email address but it could be a counterfeit.  Never give your personal information to anyone via email, not even to Claseek.
  2. Vehicle scam.  Advertising scam – the scheme is to sell a stolen vehicle.  Purchasing scam – the scheme is to pay the down payment and afterwards do a “test drive” without coming back.
  3. Rental scam.  The scheme is to advertise a room or house for rent and ask for a deposit.  During move-in time, the poor tenant is faced by a different person from the one who took the money.  Apparently, the guy who took the rent used to be the tenant who was about to move out to another place.
  4. Western Union or MoneyGram scam.  The scheme is to use apartments, laptops, TVs, cell phones, tickets, and other high value items as bait.  These scams often claim that an MTCN or confirmation code is needed before he can withdraw your money —this is FALSE, once you’ve wired the money, it is GONE.  Deals often seem too good to be true, price is too low, or rent is below market.
  5. Escrow scam.  Claseek does not offer buyer protection (escrow service) at the moment.  If you receive a mail from us saying that we guarantee your transactions, that is fake.
  6. Work from home scam.  Some (NOT all) work from home opportunities are fronts for money laundering.  A key warning sign should be any “job” that involves you receiving cheques and cashing them.  These jobs are sometimes referred to as “money mules”.  Another warning sign is a job that doesn’t require a face to face interview.  Other work from home offers can be pyramid schemes which require you to recruit other members to get paid.  For example, an ad might say that you can make £100 an hour by stuffing envelopes.  But to make that money, you need to sell the system to others.

handcuffs Here are some tips to circumvent these threats when transacting online:

  1. Ask for advertiser’s local phone number and SMS/call him/her directly.  This is to ensure that he/she is located in your country
  2. Ask for more details (photos, videos, location, reason for selling) from the advertiser then verify them afterwards (using Google, etc)
  3. Transact face-to-face (cash on delivery) whenever possible (meet up at banks for huge amounts) to see the actual product before paying.  Inspect the product carefully (registration papers and serial numbers if applicable) before paying
  4. Never accept ordinary checks and inspect the money carefully when accepting payment.  Bring an infrared light to validate each banknote if you have one
  5. Take a picture of the seller with his identification for big transactions if possible.  Always ask for a contract with the advertiser’s signature and particulars for property rentals
  6. Use your instincts.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Search the internet for the current pricing of the same product
  7. Never give your password, bank details, social security and other sensitive information to anyone
  8. Never pay via Western Union, Moneygram or other anonymous (no recipient account) payment services
  9. Avoid doing financial transactions online (online banking, PayPal/credit card payments, etc) while using public computers or networks (internet shops, airport, etc) as there may be malwares installed on those computers or networks

This article is not written to scare you from doing online transactions but to educate you on what is happening in cyberspace.  If you have recently been a victim of fraud, contact your local police department immediately.  Here in, we are doing our best to protect both our honest advertisers and buyers but the bottom-line is that everyone should be vigilant and informed when transacting online or offline.

High Impact Ads: Quality Content

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Your ad has a powerful headline and great images thus it manages to get the attention of potential customers. The final stage would be to focus on the content as it will determine if potential customers do in fact read your ads!   You have to ensure that the ad content is consistent with the headline and images. Adding images for the sake of drawing attention instead of choosing relevant ones can cause confusion and waste the valuable time you have to reach your audience.


Here are some useful tips for the content:

  • State the benefits or attractive features of your product –tell your customers how you can solve their needs
  • Tailor your message to your target audience
  • Feature your branding prominently
  • Include your contact details and any other information your potential customers may want to know.
  • Ensure that all information and prices are accurate and up to date
  • Do not include too much text as most readers will only scan your advertisement for the key information. Keeping it short and simple (KISS) is the most effective way to ensure that the point is conveyed. Messages become even more effective when paired with an easy-to-understand call to action.
  • At the end of the ad, make sure your potential customers know what they are supposed to do. Add a strong call to action statement. If content is “King”, then call to action is the “Jewel on the Crown”. These calls to action compel your potential customers to take action and ultimately persuade them to become your customer.

Hope these advertising tips series helped you in composing the perfect ads for your target audience. What are you waiting for? Post your ad now!

High Impact Ads: Powerful Headline

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


Advertising headlines are designed to be the first thing potential customers read.  The title should be an instant product-seller.  According to a research, five out of six readers read just the headline compared to those who read the complete advertisement.  A well-written headline is one of the secrets of an effective advertisement.  According to John Caples, “If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.”

As a general guide, advertisement headlines should:

1.  Catch attention of the eyes at first glance
Words in headlines should act as tags for the advertisement. It should deliver the complete message of the content both for human and search engines like Google.  Below are some tricks that you can use to write catchy headlines

  • Use numbers
    • Look 10 Years Younger Naturally
    • Get Fit in 30 Minutes, only 50 Cents a Day!
    • 32GB iPhone 5s only $88 with contract
    • 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note only $88 when you trade-in
  • Use what, why, how, or when
    • How Would You Like to Lower Your Mortgage Payment?
    • How Would You Like to Win a Free Vacation to the Bali?
    • What You Need To Know To Become Successful Selling On Ebay
    • Where You Can Go In A Good User Car
    • Why Phillips Bulbs Give More Light This Year?

2. Attract reader and make him read the rest of the Ad
Headlines should be attractive enough that readers would want to go through the details of the advertisement.

3. Carefully select audience
Specific audience should be properly addressed by the ad headline.

  • If both men and women can use your product, both of them should be referred to in the title, missing out even one of the categories is like losing a huge number of potential customers.
  • If you attempt to reach everyone, you’ll come across as vague and impress no one. If you have a remedy for kidney stones, then mention kidney stones in your headline.

4. Do not use strange characters or All CAPS
Using strange characters like “&[email protected]#$+&++” or all capitals will reduce your ad’s credibility and discourage readers to read through ad

5. Use positive words
Headlines should always give out a positive feeling to the reader. Negativity should be totally excluded, as it not only creates a negative impression but may confuse the mind and would send a false meaning of the message being delivered

6. Reflect confidence
Confidence should be reflected in the headline. Do not include any doubtful words like “if” and “but” as conditional phrases are a big NO.

7. Never forget to mention the name of the product in the headline
Product name, model should be mentioned in a headline whenever possible

8. Reflect the customer’s interest and he should feel that he is directly being addressed
Headlines should prioritize readers and should start with ‘you’ instead of ‘we’.  For example, instead of writing “Biogesic – solution for severe headache”, write “Got severe headache? Try Biogesic”

9. Give a snapshot of the benefits of the product
This is an important quality of a well-phrased headline.  Customers look out for advantages when they think of buying a product.  Keywords like whiter teeth, nutritious cereals or miraculous growth should be incorporated in the title.  For example “Get whiter teeth in a month!” or “Change how your house looks by our oriental furniture’”

10. Never use false promises or information
Overly smart headlines are good for award competitions, but they don’t really work with savvy customers.

11. Use bold characters in Ad content for long headline
If applying all these tips will make the headline very long, it may be considered to write the product advantages in bold.  Images could be used to enhance the message but care should be taken so that the headline would say some part of the story and the image will say the rest.

High Impact Ads: Color and Visual Appearance

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


The effectiveness of any advertisement depends on several factors.  In this blog series, we shall give you some tips on how to make your ad very appealing to your audience.

Visual appeal

High-impact advertisements not only have clear and neat description about the product but also provide relevant images.  Description could be something that gives information about the product or simply serve the purpose of catching the reader’s attention.  An effective advertisement should have an image or a visual component, which is typically a scene that provides the background for the entire advertisement.

Visual appeal has always had a prominent place in advertising. As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, communication by visual image is perhaps the most important dimension of an advertising message. Visual imagery has an effect on textual components in advertisements, which affects brand awareness or liking.  Advertisements are more effective when the picture and color agrees with the textual message.  Non-verbal communication will not only become a means to draw attention to a verbal message, but it will also become the message itself in many instances.

Visual effects are fun and interesting; they attract viewers to look at an advertisement.  The longer a viewer looks at an ad, the more likely the product being advertised will stick in the viewer’s mind.  Visual effects naturally hold our attention because they combine reality with the fantastic.

Nowadays we see that ads with effective visuals gain success with consumers while many products fail due to poor quality of visuals.  The human brain receives signals faster through the eyes rather than our ears. Visual appearance is said to be more appealing when compared to any other senses, no matter what the medium of presentation is.



There are methods by which one can use to increase visual appeal.  One can consider the “Buying Behaviors” which are the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products.  Color is one of the basic things that have psychological impact on consumer’s mind and result in his buying behavior.  Color, along with content, helps to retain the interest of the visitor and makes him surf the website longer.  Colors make things look more amiable and are known to influence the behavior of a person. Proper use of colors is necessary for the buyers repeat purchase decision, unattractive colors are disliked and show a negative attitude towards perception.  Boys prefer blue color whereas girls go for pink or purple shades.

It is a must for an advertiser to have the knowledge about the colors and what they refer too as Colors have their own meaning which are the following:

  • Blue color is said to have a relaxing effect, it stands for coolness, trust, belonging and reliability
  • Red represents passion, love, excitement, strength and danger
  • Yellow stands for warmth, happiness and cheerfulness
  • Green stands for nature, freshness, fertility and abundance
  • Purple stands for spirituality, royalty, and dignity
  • Orange stands for warmth, playfulness, and vibrancy
  • Pink stands for nurture, sweetness, softness, and security
  • Black stands for elegance, sophistication, seduction and mystery
  • White stands for peace, purity, cleanliness, mildness and youthfulness
  • Gold stands for prestige, luxury and being elite
  • Silver stands for prestige, scientific and coldness

The advertisements for children should have bright and vibrant colors. Children are motivated and attracted toward the primary colors mostly, yellow, red, blue and the color green which is why parents purchase things with these colors for their kids, as they represent warmth, sweetness, trustworthiness, reliability, playfulness and security.

From the advertiser’s point of view, we can conclude that colors can determine the shopping habits of customers. Black, blue, red and orange attract impulsive buyers while smart shoppers are attracted to pink, light blue and navy blue colors.  Companies use colors in their logos, advertisements, etc., to pass the right message to the customer as they are influenced more by visual appearance of a product therefore if the color scheme is attractive then the product will be more appealing to the eyes of its consumers.

Win iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 2 or Acer Iconia!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013


Great news Claseek members!  We’re giving away BRAND NEW iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Acer Iconia B tablet!

These are the prizes:

How to participate:

  1. Register as member in based on your residence country(a)
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  4. Using the comment section below (FB comment or our own comment section), tell us in a few words why you want to win this contest + ad or blog link (e.g., “My younger sister loves the Samsung Galaxy tab so I will give it to her on her birthday /“)
    Note:  Maximum of one Ad or Blog link is allowed to be specified as a contest entry by each participant (you don’t need to enter all your blogs as we will track them separately)
  5. Share this contest on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Google+ with your comment “I joined this Claseek contest, please vote for me. :)” or something similar.

Legend:   (a) – skip step if done previously (e.g., already a Claseek™ member)

(b) - not posted and will never be posted on other websites

Criteria for winning:

1. The member with the most number of accumulated points wins the prize.  You may use all of the following methods to accumulate points:

  • invite friends to vote your ad (they need to login) => 2pts per vote
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2. Prizes shall only be given upon reaching respective quota (e.g., at least 7000 total Facebook likes for Galaxy tab) by 10 December 2013, 8pm SG timezone (GMT+8) so help us reach the 10k quota by inviting your friends to become Fans of Claseek FB page.

3. All participants who did not win are automatically included in the lucky draw.  Lucky draw is for Acer Iconia tablet only, the other two are based on points.

4. Claseek™ Contest Terms and Conditions below are met

Winners will be notified via e-mail and other possible means hence you should always check your mails after the contest.  Shipping cost will be covered by

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if there is a tie (same total number of points)?

Ans: In the event of a tie, we shall consider the average number of stars of vote and date/time of posting; whoever posted earlier earns higher point to break the tie.

2. What if there are only 7k FB likes by end of contest?

Ans: We will extend the contest for another month. If we still can’t reach 10k, we will only give the 2nd prize to the participant with highest point and lucky draw prize to the winning participant.

3. What if I already posted many Ad listings in

Ans: You may only have 1 Ad as a contest entry for your friends to vote. However, you may keep on posting ads which are not related to this contest.

4. Can I submit many blogs for the contest?

Ans: Yes, you or your friends may submit any number of unique blogs for this contest to gain more points. However, only approved/posted blogs will earn points.

5. What if the Ad expires during the contest period?

Ans: Ads which expire after 01 September are still eligible for this contest. Do let us know using the Contact us page so we can extend the deletion date of the ad in the system.

Contest Terms and Conditions:

  1. (henceforth referred to as the “Promoter”) is the promoter of this promotion (“Promotion”).
  2. Valid from 01 September until 10 December 2013, 8pm SG timezone (GMT+8).
  3. Valid only for residents (participants, based on shipping address) of HongKong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore though other nationalities may vote.
  4. Only 1 participant is allowed per household.
  5. You must be at least 14 of age at the time of joining the promotion.
  6. You must use a single email address (same as your Claseek email) in all communications for our tracking.
  7. Ads must have picture(s), correct category and meet Terms and Conditions.
  8. Blogs should follow our Claseek Blog Policy.
  9. The Promoter shall, by way of a random process, identify the winner for the Lucky Draw (Acer Iconia).  For the avoidance of any doubts, the Promoter shall be fully responsible for selecting the winners.
  10. All prizes awarded as part of this Promotion are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.  No cash alternatives for any prize will be offered.
  11. Any attempt to cheat or circumvent the contest rules in any way shall be automatically disqualified and may be banned from
  12. Winners shall be announced on this page on or before 15 December 2013.
  13. Prizes must be claimed before 15 January 2014, otherwise it will be forfeited.
  14. Promoter is not responsible for any damage caused through the actions of participants with regard to this promotion.
  15. By submitting your blog, you confirm that this is your own composition and not copied from anywhere else.
  16. By taking part in this promotion, you are agreeing to the above rules and terms.  Promoter reserves the right to change any of these rules, prizes and terms as it deems fit to do so, at any point in time, without notice to any other third party.
  17. The Promoter reserves the right to request proof of identity (e.g., utility bill) from winners in order to claim the prize.
  18. If for any reason whatsoever, any aspect of this Promotion is not capable of being run as planned, including but not limited to any computer virus, communications network failure, bugs, worms, tampering, the inability of any equipment of the Promoter to operate optimally due to any unauthorized action or intervention such as spamming or a denial of service attack, fraud, other technical failure or any cause beyond the control of the Promoter, subject to applicable laws and regulations, the Promoter may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, or invalidate any affected entries.
  19. This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Samsung, Acer or Facebook.  We hereby release them of any liability.
  20. All prizes are sponsored by alone, thus reserve the rights to cancel any entry, disqualify any person/s from participating in this contest and/or replace the prize at any point of time as it deems fit.
  21. These Terms and Conditions and any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

Hurry, join this contest now!  You could be the lucky owner of one device!

[Update: March 2014]  Due to the low turnout of this promotion, it has been discontinued.  Thanks to those who joined the contest! Blog Section Launched!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Claseek blogs, a leading online classified ads has launched its Blogs section!   In its commitment to give the best to its members & visitors, the blog is expected to provide more interaction and value to the site community.

The main purpose of the blog is to provide a lasting value to everyone.  Ads will expire in a few months but whatever we or the contributors have written here will be there to stay.” says the co-founder.   “Claseek™ Blogs will cover what we cannot effectively provide in our main advertising sections like advertising tips or product reviews“.

Topics could vary from tips for buying or selling to review of products or services to anything interesting for everyone.  All blogs will be streamed directly to Claseek™ Facebook page.


Ideal for writers looking for a bigger audience

Claseek™ Blogs is ideal for writers who don’t have a place to post their articles or are looking for a bigger audience.  Posting is free and you don’t need to worry about domain, hosting, web design and most of all, marketing.  With tens of thousands of visitors per month, the site is definitely a great option!

If you have the passion for writing, all you need to do is send them your article and you can reach your audience in no time.  Also, if you have at least 10 approved/posted articles, you can request for a user access and post directly as a contributor to the site.


Mobile version


In an increasingly mobile world, Claseek™ keeps up with technology.  The entire blog section (and site) has both mobile and desktop versions so users can easily navigate using either a desktop/laptop computer, tablet  or smartphone.  All articles are automatically viewable in smartphones like iPhone, Android devices (Samsung, Acer, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, etc) and Windows Phone (Nokia, Dell, HTC, Samsung, etc).  Users will have the option to use either the mobile version or desktop version from their smartphones.

This is one thing Claseek™ writers have the edge; through this site, you will capture a wide array of audiences without having to exert extra efforts.


You may visit to read through articles of various categories.  With almost 8000 registered members, is definitely a diverse and dynamic site worthwhile to become a part of.  You may submit them your articles if you would like to be a guest blogger.  See Claseek™ Blog Policy and Terms & Conditions for some guidelines.

Thank you and see you there! – Leading the Way to Free Advertising

Thursday, August 15th, 2013, a leading and fast-growing online classifieds site providing FREE advertising worldwide is now available on the internet.  Officially launched on 01 March 2013, Claseek has now nearly 8000 members and is ranked as top 150k by Alexa over more than 30 million websites in its database.

Claseek has both desktop and mobile version, allowing users to access classified ads from different platforms anytime, anywhere. Members can add YouTube video to their listing and upload up to 5 pictures at no cost. Members have their individual RSS feed link that can be used to automatically post their Ads to their Facebook timeline or Facebook page using free tools like RSS Graffiti.  Claseek also streams some ads to their partner site and integrates social media to give ads the maximum exposure.  All ads can easily be shared by anyone to over 300 social media sites within a few clicks.

“Our goal is to offer a powerful & effective marketing alternative free of charge.  Claseek ads will always be free but we do have premium advertising options should members opt for better exposure to their target audience.” said Claseek’s co-founder.  “We provide exceptional service and do things which other classifieds sites have not done.  For instance, our main page is split into two sections, one section for newly-posted ads and another section for older ads. Most advertisers want to have their ads appear on first page but with so many ads posted every day, ads can easily move to second page in a matter of minutes.  By splitting the first page into two sections, older ads can still appear on first page randomly.  This would discourage advertisers from posting the same ads multiple times.”

To publish a free ad at Claseek, users simply need to register as member and click the “Post a free ad” button on the respective country that they want to advertise into.  Users only need to register once and they can post to any Claseek country where their Ad can be made available (e.g., shipped, outsourced).  Members have their personal dashboard where they can manage their ads, profile, personal messages, etc.  Posting ad on both desktop and mobile version is very easy; in fact it can be done in less than a minute when you’re already a member.

Claseek also offers affordable premium listing which will appear at the top of all user searches and will automatically be posted on our Facebook page.  The site is currently exclusively available in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Hong Kong aside from its Global site.

For more information about Claseek or its products and services, you may visit

Other details:

Entity: Claseek Pte. Ltd.
Facebook page:

August 2013 Promotion

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

We are very grateful for your great support to this site so far. Because of you, Claseek is now ranked as top 185k globally out of 30 million websites! As a token of our appreciation, we are giving away a total of US$10,000 worth of prizes!


There will be a total of 114 winners, each winning a premium advertising in

  • 1st prize: 2 weeks main page 160×600 pixels (worth US$400, 7 winners)
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  • 3rd prize: 2 weeks main page 160×160 pixels sliding (worth US$60, 35 winners) Consolation prizes: 2 weeks premium ad (worth US$40, 58 winners)


How to join:

  1. Post an ad with picture/s (existing ads are also qualified)
  2. “Like” Claseek Facebook page if not done previously  (, button is also displayed in Claseek main page)
  3. Post the link of your ad (copy from browser address, e.g.…) as a Facebook comment on our promotion page ( which will also appear on your Facebook timeline

Winners will be notified via e-mail and posted in Prizes will be randomly selected by Claseek staff except for consolation prizes where the first 58 ad links posted (maximum 2 ads per member) will automatically get 2 weeks premium ad plus a chance to win the prizes.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. (henceforth referred to as the “Promoter”) is the promoter of this promotion (“Promotion”).
  2. This promotion is valid until 31 Aug 2013.
  3. All ads must have picture(s), correct category and meet Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Promoter shall, by way of a random process, identify the winners. For the avoidance of any doubts, the Promoter shall be fully responsible for selecting the winners.
  5. All prizes awarded as part of this Promotion are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. No cash alternatives for any prize will be offered.
  6. Winners shall be announced in on or before 15 September 2013.
  7. Prizes must be availed before 15 October 2013, otherwise it will be forfeited.
  8. Promoter is not responsible for any damage caused through the actions of participants with regard to this promotion.
  9. By taking part in this promotion, you are agreeing to the above rules and terms. Promoter reserves the right to change any of these rules, prizes and terms as it deems fit to do so, at any point in time, without notice to any other third party.
  10. The Promoter reserves the right to request that each winner provide proof of identity and/or eligibility (if required) in order to claim a prize.
  11. If for any reason whatsoever, any aspect of this Promotion is not capable of being run as planned, including but not limited to any computer virus, communications network failure, bugs, worms, tampering, the inability of any equipment of the Promoter to operate optimally due to any unauthorized action or intervention such as spamming or a denial of service attack, fraud, other technical failure or any cause beyond the control of the Promoter, subject to applicable laws and regulations, the Promoter may in its sole and absolute discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, or invalidate any affected entries.
  12. These Terms and Conditions and any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

This promotion runs until 31 August only.


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[UPDATE] Congratulations to the winner of this promo!

  • Osiak (member no. 5016)
  • Jocelyn (member no. 39)
  • Al Linsangan (member no. 6608)
  • Lina Agramon (member no. 2966)
  • Cik Zai (member no. 2317)
  • TCM Wellness Services (member no. 7692)

Winners will be notified via Claseek PM soon.