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High Impact Ads: Quality Content

Your ad has a powerful headline and great images thus it manages to get the attention of potential customers. The final stage would be to focus on the content as it will determine if potential customers do in fact read your ads!   You have to ensure that the ad content is consistent with the headline and images. Adding images for the sake of drawing attention instead of choosing relevant ones can cause confusion and waste the valuable time you have to reach your audience.


Here are some useful tips for the content:

  • State the benefits or attractive features of your product –tell your customers how you can solve their needs
  • Tailor your message to your target audience
  • Feature your branding prominently
  • Include your contact details and any other information your potential customers may want to know.
  • Ensure that all information and prices are accurate and up to date
  • Do not include too much text as most readers will only scan your advertisement for the key information. Keeping it short and simple (KISS) is the most effective way to ensure that the point is conveyed. Messages become even more effective when paired with an easy-to-understand call to action.
  • At the end of the ad, make sure your potential customers know what they are supposed to do. Add a strong call to action statement. If content is “King”, then call to action is the “Jewel on the Crown”. These calls to action compel your potential customers to take action and ultimately persuade them to become your customer.

Hope these advertising tips series helped you in composing the perfect ads for your target audience. What are you waiting for? Post your ad now!

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